Куда должны пойти gateway?Как так можно писать документацию?
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Автор:  seva [ 13 янв 2017 02:15 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Куда должны пойти gateway?Как так можно писать документацию?

Кто-нибудь понял, что тут написано?
Отдельные слова, и даже фразы понятны. Но в итоге, в чем смысл полного набора этих слов?
Какая разница у двух расположений файлов конфигураций gateway-ев?

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So should gateways go in configuration or in directory?

This question was answered by anthm a while back on IRC, here is what he said:

<branchcut> me too ...
<rpm> my gateway is defined in sofia.conf.xml not in directory.xml
<branchcut> I'm kinda confused by the fact it can be defined in both places .. whats the difference?
<anthm> enterprise vs shuttlecraft
<[intra]lanman> lol
<branchcut> heh
<anthm> if you put them in a user tag in your directory you can then tell sofia to manage the whole
domain and it will iterate all the users in that domain and reg the gateways
<anthm> if you don't need that you can just put them in the sofia conf

What I gather from this is that if you only want certain extensions to be registered with your voip provider when a specific user registers with freeswitch you should define gateways in the directory section rather than in the sofia configuration. Conversely, if you always want an extension registered with a provider you would define the gateway as part of the sip profile.

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